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LED lamps MLux - GREY Line H4/9003/HB2 BI, 26 W, 6000°К (125413463)

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SKU: 000059482
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Color tempreature, °K
Name LED lamps MLux - GREY Line H4/9003/HB2 BI, 26 W, 6000°К
Code 125413463
Serie GREY
Lamp type LED
Lamp type/Base H4/HB2/9003 (P43t)
LED chip type COB
LED mount Aluminum plate
LED mount size, mm 48 х 8 х 1
Type of cooling Radiator + Cooler
Body material Aluminum
Copper rod No
Color rendering index, CRI 80+
Color tempreature, °K 6000
Luminous flux (low), lm 855
Luminous efficacy (low), lm/W 16.44
Luminous flux (high), lm 1800
Luminous efficacy (high), lm/W 34.62
Voltage, V 9 - 30
Focus adjustment No
Operating current (12,4 V), А 2,1
Response to voltage change Instant
Operating temperature, °С -40°С…+60
Operating temperature of the chip, ≤ 150
LED driver operating temperature, °С ≤ 45
LED driver size, mm 51 х 34 х 20
Expected lifetime, h 35 000
Protection standard IP67
Reverse polarity protection Yes
Short circuit protection Yes
Surge protection Yes
Lamp weight, g 82
Quantity 2 pcs
Manufacturer MLux
Guarantee 24 months
EAN Code 4823106500634

The new line of MLux LED lamps series: RED, ORANGE, GREY – revolution in technical specifications with honest performance!

Have you ever thought about the importance of true characteristics when buying one or another product? It can be both physical quantities – power (W), luminous flux (lm), color temperature (°K), as well as more sophisticated features, for example +150%, +200%.

For this reason, we strive to create quality products with true technical specifications and fair performance – no tricks or cheating! All our lighting specifications are checked using professional measuring equipment from SEKONIC and UPRTEK.

MLux LED - GREY Line lamps with a luminous flux of up to 1995 lm** with a power consumption of 26 W* have a COB chip (Chip-On-Board). Despite the low cost of this model, light output reaches 38,37 lm/W* (on average, a halogen lamp can produce 14,5 lm/W*).

The use of a luminophore made it possible to get color temperature options of 4300, 5000, 6000°K without reducing the luminous flux due to eliminating the use of all kinds of correction filters mounted on top of the LED.

In lamps with an H4 base driving and passing beams were implemented by separate LED modules, which are placed at different focal lengths.

MLux LED - GREY Line can be installed on most modern cars, including freight transport and special machinery with an on-board voltage of 9-30 V. The protection class IP67 allows safe use even in aggressive environmental conditions. The voltage controller, as well as protection against polarity reversal, short circuit and voltage surges guarantee a long service life.

Because the most critical factor in the life of the led is the temperature, we paid special attention to the passive and active cooling.


— Aluminum substrateMounting of LEDs on an aluminum substrate ensures heat rejection directly to the aluminum body, bypassing the dielectric layer.

— Thermal greaseThermal grease does not dry out and remains flexible throughout its entire service life, displacing air between the substrate and the aluminum casing, which increases thermal conductivity.

— Aluminum bodyThe body of pure aluminum has a high heat transfer coefficient, which significantly improves heat rejection to the radiator.

— Ribbed radiatorReliable heat rejection and protection of LEDs from overheating are ensured by the compact design of a radiator with a ribbed surface for maximum contact area with air.

— Active coolingA cooler with a hydrodynamic sliding bearing made it possible to achieve maximum effective cooling for the COB chip (Chip-On-Board).

— Easy installationInstallation of lamps does not require any modifications of optics, special knowledge and skills. The minimum dimensions of the cooler with a radiator make it possible to replace OEM halogen lamps without changing the design of the headlights.

Available color temperature of bi-lamps in sets of the GREY Line series:

  • 4300°K with light output 38,37 lm/W* (EAN: 4823106500610)
  • 5000°K with light output 36,44 lm/W* (EAN: 4823106500627)
  • 6000°K with light output 34,62 lm/W* (EAN: 4823106500634)

The GREY Line series bi-kit includes:

2 lamps with LED drivers, 2 W5W (T10) LEDs for marker lamps.

GREY Line bi-kits сovered by a two-year warranty.

In the event of failure during the warranty period, the only conditions for providing a warranty replacement will be: the availability of a warranty card and the absence of mechanical damages.

*performance of one lamp
**performance of two lamps

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